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You are probably already practicing magic without even thinking about it-that is what brought you here. Who hasn’t made a wish when blowing out a birthday candle, pinned hopes to a shooting star, or touched glasses to toast good health? Everyday magic is within all of us. In the distant mists of time our ancestors lived a magical life, and many of us still feel that same flicker of energy that our elders lived by.

I am a witch, a solitary practitioner, sometimes called a Hedgewitch. My own magical journey began as a child in Scotland, guided by my wise old grandmother who was born in 1882. She was known as a Speywife, a healer, a lay midwife. She guided me and taught me her magical ways; how to find salamanders in open fires, how to read cards, to see the wisdom in tea leaves at the bottom of a cup, how to craft knots to bring about change. This was the start of a magical journey for me. A power within her, a power within me and a power within you.

What you'll find here is the culmination of the magical life I have lived thus far. My magical items are borne of the recipes of our forebearers - passed down in whispers by warm open fires. They have brought me comfort, joy and abundance. My wish is to distill this ancient alchemy for use in your everyday magic, to awaken the magical energy that lies within each and every one of us and to support you on your enchanted journey.
I want to help nurture that magical ability in you as my grandmother did in me all those years ago. I know how much it can enhance and enrich your life. So whether you are looking for a spell for a specific purpose or items to infuse magical intent throughout your day, I believe that together we can find what you need.  



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