Ease Anxiety Incense Lavender and Chamomile 12 Pack

Ease Anxiety Incense Lavender and Chamomile 12 Pack

The perfect gift for the Pagan or Witch in your life. Ease anxiety with the calming aroma of lavender and chamomile . These incense sticks have been blended by hand and will suffuse the air with a peaceful fragrance. Herbs known for calming the nerves, aiding those with high anxiety or stress & awakening the third eye, which can be very beneficial in dream work or divination practices.

Its soothing aroma promotes healing for inner-peace & true beauty that spans from the heart. I am a hereditary hedgewitch with over 35 years of spell casting. This incense has been blessed at my home altar. When the heart is enlightened with this vibration, the whole of the physical & spiritual body begins to heal and glow to the tune of a perfect frequency. Calming and reassuring.

Pack of 12


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