Fertility Spell Kit

Fertility Spell Kit

Fertility spells are some of the most ancient practices known.From ancient times we have carried out magical rites in order to aid he creation of new life and abundance. This kit allows you to tap into that most sacred of energies to stir energies at the deepest  level.  This kit can be used by the novice or experienced practitioner.  



Contained within an organza bag are the magical ingredients needed to  cast a powerful  spell. I have prepared the incesnse blend according to magical correspondences.


The kit contains a handmade tea light which is prepared  using  herbs and materials  under he dominion of Jupiter. apple, cinnamon and real gold leaf The quartz  crystal has been purified by full moon water and blessed at my home altar. This kit does not need a bath or any  equipment. Full instructions are included in a scroll tied with a satin ribbon.


The kit contains 


A handmade votive


Hand blended incense


Quartz crystal

Scroll instructions

All contained within an organza pouch.


The kit can be kept and reused at a later time if needed.