Pet Healing Spell Kit

Pet Healing Spell Kit

Traditional magic to heal animals is some of the most ancient work that we do as witches. Animals have a highly developed intuition and magical work to support and heal is often highly effective. Always consult a vet for serious ailments, but this spell can be cast to support  any treatment which is ongoing.

The kit contains a handmade tea light which is prepared  using  herbs and material under the dominion of  Mercury.The quartz  crystal has been purified by full moon water and blessed at my home altar. This kit contains everything needed to cast a healing spell.Full instructions are included in a scroll tied with a satin ribbon.


The kit contains 


A handmade votive


Hand blended incense


Quartz crystal

Scroll instructions

All contained within an organza pouch.


The kit can be kept and reused at a later time if needed.